What Is Vehicle Subscription Service And Is It Right For You

What Is Vehicle Subscription Service And Is It Right For You

What Is Vehicle Subscription Service And Is It Right For You.  Are you a car nut like me and love to drive all different types of vehicles but can’t afford to own more than one car?  What if I told you, there is a way to drive vehicles on a weekly, monthly or longer with a simple subscription fee. Well, there is, the new and upcoming alternative to leasing or buy is Vehicle Subscription Service.


What is vehicle subscription Service?

Vehicle subscription service offers the car you want when you want it. Just select a car and drive it for a week, month or as long as you need.  Say you are doing yard work around the house and you could use a truck, before vehicle subscription, if you did not own a truck, either you would have to rent one or borrow a friend’s truck.  Now with a vehicle subscription, all you would have to do is call and get the truck.

How Does vehicle subscription work?

You don’t actually own the car with a subscription service, just as you don’t own the car if you’re leasing. Instead, you get the use of a car for an all-inclusive monthly fee. The fee typically covers insurance, routine maintenance, and repairs.  With some car subscription programs, a key feature is your ability to swap in and out of different cars with just a few days’ notice. For example, you could drive a fuel-efficient sedan during the week and switch into a sports car for a weekend trip with your significant other.
Each car subscription service has its own variations. Some are like long-term rentals, allowing you to change cars weekly or monthly. Some are more like leasing, but for shorter periods and, typically, with used cars.

Is vehicle subscription right for you?

[adtoappearhere]You have to weigh your options, the subscription fee is not cheap, it will cost more than a traditional lease or purchase, fees range from $600 – $3,700.
Some Manufactures and dealers now offer subscription services, like Porsche, Cadillac, Lincoln, BMW, Ford, and Volvo.  Notice that the majority of the manufacturers are luxury brands, that means it will not be an inexpensive fee. The alternative is the subscription service that will be offered by dealers using a third-party service and software, which will have lower fees than the luxury brands that I mentioned.


What is the appeal of a subscription service?

  •   The Love of driving different cars more frequently than with leasing or buying
  •   No negotiations with dealerships – You only pay one fee
  •   No other costs, like insurance, repairs or maintenance
  •   Use an app to select a car for the weekend and having it delivered to you


What is the downside to Vehicle Subscription Service?

    • Swapping and driving different cars has no appeal to you


    • Vehicle ownership is very important to you.


  • You do not like to be restricted on the use of your vehicle.  Most car subscription programs impose rules on drivers.
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