How To Use and Setup UConnect in a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or RAM Vehicle

How To Use and Setup UConnect in a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or RAM Vehicle

How To Use and Setup UConnect in a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or RAM Vehicle

Do you want to get the most out of your UConnect system then you’ve come to the right place?  If you own a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or RAM vehicle and you have UConnect and want a fully connected vehicle, then use the information in this blog to help you understand all the features and benefits of UConnect. It’s no exaggeration to say that the smartphone has changed everything, including how we interact with our cars. FCA(Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and RAM) offer one of the best-connected car experience with UConnect.

Some of the features of UConnect:


  • 8.4-inch color touchscreen display with model-specific themes and Drag-and-Drop menu bar
  • Touchscreen display features impressive resolution and accelerated start-up times
  • HD Radio
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot with 4G LTE cellular connectivity
  • Uconnect + SiriusXM Guardian Connected Vehicle Services
  • Integrates with your mobile phone using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • Displays ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera images
  • Integrated Voice Command with Bluetooth
  • “Do Not Disturb” user functionality for phone calls and text messages
  • Siri Eyes Free voice recognition/command to support iPhone 4S and later
  • Built-in Vehicle User Guide for vehicle feature operating information
  • Supports Media Hub inputs
  • Interfaces with steering wheel-mounted controls
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio

How to set up the features of FCA’s Uconnect

[adtoappearhere] pair your mobile phone with the Uconnect System:

  • Make sure your vehicle is parked in an open, outside area and the ignition is in the ACC or On/Run position
  • Go to Settings on your compatible smartphone and make sure that Bluetooth is on
  • Press the Phone button on the Uconnect Touchscreen
  • If no phones are connected, the system will ask if you’d like to pair a mobile phone – select Yes
  • The system will search for Bluetooth connections
  • When the Uconnect System is recognized on your phone, tap Uconnect and accept the connection request
  • When prompted, verify the PIN and accept the connection request by tapping Yes on your Uconnect Touchscreen and Pair on your smartphone

Your phone will now be paired with the Uconnect System in your vehicle so you can remain more connected and more productive:

  • Make hands-free phone calls
  • Respond to incoming text messages
  • Stream your favorite music

Apple CarPlay puts parts of your iPhone right on your Uconnect Touchscreen:Apple Uconnect[adtoappearhere]

  • Send texts
  • Make phone calls without reaching for your iPhone
  • Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and Apple Music
  • Get navigation assistance with Apple Maps while your iPhone is safely tucked away

While no extra app is needed, you must unlock the iPhone the first time you use CarPlay:

  • Just plug your iPhone into your vehicle’s USB port5 using an Apple-certified cable
  • The system will automatically display the CarPlay home screen. (If it does not launch automatically, enable the AutoShow feature through Settings on your Uconnect Touchscreen)
  • You’ll now be able to use your iPhone via Siri or through the Uconnect Touchscreen
  • For added convenience, drag the CarPlay icon down to the menu bar. (This will make it easier to toggle back and forth between CarPlay and the Uconnect system)

Uconnect works with your iPhone to have text messages read out loud as received:

  • You can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel

Enable notifications when pairing the iPhone with the Uconnect system:

  • From the phone, go to Settings, then Bluetooth
  • Tap the information icon next to Uconnect
  • Ensure that Show Notifications is enabled

CarPlay also provides access to third-party audio apps downloaded to your iPhone (examples):

  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • Amazon Music
  • Spotify

Before using CarPlay, be sure to check out AutoShow and AutoPlay

AutoShow automatically shows the CarPlay home screen when your iPhone is connected:

  • Find this preference in the Display category of the Uconnect settings

AutoPlay automatically plays music from your iPhone whenever it’s connected:

  • This preference can be found in the Audio category of the Uconnect settings
  • If you’re playing music on the iPhone before entering the vehicle, the music will continue as soon as you connect the device to the USB port, even if AutoPlay is not enabled

Apple CarPlay uses your iPhone’s data plan and some additional charges may apply:

  • For best performance and compatibility, make sure your iOS is up-to-date
  • Also, you must be in an area with cellular coverage to use data-dependent CarPlay features

SIRI EYES FRE[adtoappearhere]

Siri is integrated into your vehicle’s Uconnect System and is ready to serve as your go-anywhere, handle-everything personal assistant

Siri Eyes Free lets you use your voice to:

  • Send messages
  • Schedule meetings
  • Place phone calls
  • More

To use Siri Eyes Free, first make sure Siri is enabled on your iPhone:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Siri
  • Enable Siri

Once Siri is enabled on your iPhone, make sure your iPhone is paired to the Uconnect System

To talk to Siri:

  • Push and hold — then release — the VR button on your steering wheel
  • You’ll hear Siri’s familiar double beep, and Siri will pop up on the touchscreen. (Siri is ready to receive questions and voice commands)

Siri uses your car’s microphone and audio system:

  • Speak clearly while facing straight forward
  • A good cellular connection is required


With Uconnect, Android Auto extends the Android platform into your vehicle in a way that’s purpose-built for your Uconnect Touchscreen:

  • Phone must be running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher


  • Music from a favorite streaming service, like Google Play Music, Pandora or Spotify
  • Make calls
  • Send texts
  • Stay on track with Google Maps

Before using Android Auto, be sure to check out AutoShow:

  • AutoShow automatically shows the Android Auto home screen when your phone is connected

To use Android Auto:

  • Get the Android Auto app on Google Play Store using your Android-powered smartphone
  • Then, connect the phone to the USB port8 in the vehicle
  • Be sure to use the USB cable that came with your phone.­ (Aftermarket cables might not work)
  • You may have to accept terms of use and enable your Bluetooth5connection the first time Android Auto is launched
  • The system will automatically display the Android Auto home screen. (If it does not launch automatically, enable the AutoShow feature under Settings)

There are four ways to interact with Android Auto with your phone safely tucked away:

  • Android speech technology
  • Steering wheel-mounted audio controls
  • Radio faceplate controls
  • Touchscreen (displays a special Android Auto version of your phone)

Uconnect works with your Android to have text messages read out loud as received:[adtoappearhere]

You can keep your attention on the road and your hands safely on the wheel

Enable access to your messages and phone contacts when pairing the Android with the Uconnect System:

  • Be sure to “authorize” when prompted

To use Google Maps for navigation:

  • Launch Android Auto
  • Push and hold the VR button
  • Once you hear the beep, you can set your desired location by voice: “Directions to 1000 Chrysler Drive in Auburn Hills”
  • Map appears on touchscreen
  • Nav system tracks the driver

Android Auto:

  • Uses your smartphone’s data plan and some additional charges may apply
  • Some functions may be limited if the vehicle is not within the cellular coverage

UConnect’s Programmable Features:

You can lock your vehicle from outside with just the push of the Lock button on your key fob:

  • The turn signals will flash and the horn will sound to let you know the vehicle is locked
  • If desired, you can change those settings using your touchscreen
  • Within the Settings menu on the touchscreen, select Controls
  • Then select Doors & Locks and the feature you want to customize
  • In this case, Sound Horn with Lock
  • There will be a check mark next to the feature if it is active
  • Push the feature bar to turn the check mark off and deactivate the feature

You can customize many other features as well, such as choosing to unlock driver door only on the first press or unlock all doors on the first push

Another example:

  • Select Lights and then Headlight Off Delay
  • Choose between a 0, 30, 60 or 90-second delay before the headlights turn off after the engine has been turned off
  • It’s a great feature that can light your way to the door at night


Mix and match the Uconnect System’s menu bar to fit your lifestyle

With the Drag-and-Drop menu bar, you can easily customize your touchscreen with the features and services you use most:

  • Press the Uconnect icon on the main menu bar to view all the available apps
  • Tap and hold any one of the icons to drag and drop into your personalized menu bar at any time

You can change the icons as often as you like:

  • Add the Travel Link icon so local weather forecasts are handy on a road trip
  • Add the Heated Seats icon in the fall and remove it in the spring
  • Apps are always accessible from the apps drawer
  • Add the CarPlay or Android Auto-icon to make it easier to toggle back and forth with the Uconnect System[adtoappearhere]

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