How to clean and keep your wheels clean for the summer!

How to clean and keep your wheels clean for the summer!

What’s worse than having a clean and shining vehicle, is to have your wheels and tires dingy and dirty.  Think of it as having a nice suite on, but your shoes are dirty and not shining. So to have the complete package wash your vehicle, wheels, and tires regularly.

Your wheels have a protective coating from the factory to prevent deterioration, but out on the road they encounter dirt, salt, slush, and harsh chemicals.  All these elements can destroy this protective coating and cause permanent damage. That’s why it’s important to clean your wheels and wheel trim regularly especially if they’re Aluminum or Chrome Plated.   Abrasive or acidic wheel cleaners, polishing compounds, steel wool and brushes can permanently damage the finish. Also, some cleaners can wreck your brake system components and cause brake failure.

This can become a problem as these type of damages to your brakes and wheels is not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.


You should also avoid automatic car washes that use acidic solutions or harsh brushes as these may damage your wheels protective finish to clean your wheels.

A  Safe way to clean your wheels and tires is to just use a soft cloth with mild ph-neutral soap and water this will maintain luster and prevent corrosion wash your wheels with the same soap solution you use on the vehicle’s body and rinse well.  For extremely dirty wheels or to remove brake dust we recommend non-abrasive non-acidic compounds after you clean your wheels with wheel cleaner always drive for at least a few minutes to eliminate residual cleaner and prevent corrosion. To clean dark vapor or black satin chrome wheels Do not use any products whatsoever again mild soap and water with a soft cloth are all you need to use them on a regular basis.[adtoappearhere]

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